Coal India Limited 27th Feb 2020
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Participant Name ARGHA KAMAL DAS
Test Center Name TCS Gito Bitan
Test Date 27/02/2020
Test Time 5:00 PM - 8:00 PM
Subject Electrical
Section : General Knowledge and Awareness
Q.1Where is the famous Vallanadu Wildlife Sanctuary located?
AnsA. Maharashtra
B. Kerala
C. Karnataka
D. Tamil Nadu
Q.2Who had given the slogan ‘Back to Vedas’?
AnsA. Bhimrao Ambedkar
B. Dayanand Saraswati
C. Mahatma Gandhi
D. Guru Nanak Dev
Q.3Who is the current Finance Secretary?
AnsA. Atanu Chakraborty
B. Rajiv Gauba
C. Rajiv Kumar
D. Subhash Chandra Garg
Q.4Qutub Minar is situated in _______.
AnsA. Punjab
B. New Delhi
C. Madhya Pradesh
D. Haryana
Q.5Goodwill is related to which of the following assets?
AnsA. Tangible assets
B. Intangible assets
C. Floating assets
D. Fictitious assets
Q.6Which of the following ruler has given permission to the East India Company to trade in India?
AnsA. Jahangir
B. Akbar
C. Bahadur Shah Jafar
D. Humayun
Q.7Which state in India is the first one to get law on contract farming?
AnsA. Maharashtra
B. Kerala
C. Karnataka
D. Tamil Nadu
Q.8Who has been appointed as a new country manager of Google India?
AnsA. Sundar Pichai
B. Rajiv Kumar
C. Sanjay Gupta
D. S.K. Sharma
Q.9Which pollutant gas dissolves with hemoglobin faster than oxygen?
AnsA. Hydrogen sulphide
B. Nitric oxide
C. Carbon dioxide
D. Carbon Monoxide
Q.10What will be the full form of GIF?
AnsA. Global Information Forum
B. Global Interchange File
C. Graphic Interchange Format
D. Graphic Information Format
Q.11Where is the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant located?
AnsA. Kerala
B. Maharashtra
C. Karnataka
D. Tamil Nadu
Q.12Which of the following country hosted the BRICS summit 2019?
AnsA. China
B. Brazil
C. Russia
D. India
Q.13Who is the current Lt. Governor of Ladakh?
AnsA. R K Mathur
B. Mridula Sinha
C. Girish Chander Murmu
D. Satya Pal Malik
Q.14From January 2020, banks can no longer charge savings bank account holders for online transactions in which of the following systems?
Q.15Which of the following is the first spacecraft of NASA that can study all the four planets (Jupiter, Neptune, Saturn and Uranus) together?
B. Insight
C. Voyager 2
D. Voyager 1
Q.16Which of the following country had organized ADIPEC 2019 event?
B. Qatar
C. Jordon
D. Kuwait
Q.17Which of the following vitamin helps to absorb calcium in the body and maintain our bone health?
AnsA. Vitamin D
B. Vitamin K
C. Vitamin A
D. Vitamin C
Q.18In which of the following country 8th session of the International Treaty of Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture (ITPGRFA) was held?
AnsA. Sweden
B. Italy
C. Australia
D. France
Q.19How many Lok sabha seats come from Tamil Nadu?
AnsA. 39
B. 34
C. 43
D. 29
Q.20Kummi is the famous ancient dance form of which of the following state?
AnsA. Karnataka
B. Tamil Nadu
C. Odisha
D. West Bengal
Q.21Who among the following has won the 37th Athens Marathon?
AnsA. Martin Lel
B. Geoffrey Mutai
C. Felicien Muhitira
D. John Kipkorir Komen
Q.22Who among the following has been appointed as the Ambassador of India to the Republic of Mali?
AnsA. Rajiv Kumar
B. Pradeep Kumar Gupta
C. Anjani Kumar
D. S.K. Sharma
Q.23With which crop production Round Revolution is related?
AnsA. Rice
B. Potato
C. Wheat
D. Oilseeds
Q.24Which country has hosted 2020 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup?
AnsA. Australia
B. India
C. Spain
D. South Africa
Q.25Who is the current Revenue Secretary of India?
AnsA. Ajay Bhushan Pandey
B. Rajiv Kumar
C. S.K. Sharma
D. Ramesh Singh
Section : Numerical Ability
Q.1A girl spends 82% of her income. If her income increases by 15% and the savings decrease by 15%, then what is the percent increase in the expenditure (correct to one decimal place)?
AnsA. 20
B. 23.5
C. 21.6
D. 17.5
AnsA. 20
B. -285
C. -338
D. 0
C. 11
Q.4In what ratio, rice costing Rs. 90 per kg be mixed with rice costing Rs. 63 per kg such that by selling the mixture at Rs. 86.25 per kg there is a gain of 15%?
AnsA. 5 : 4
B. 2 : 3
C. 3 : 5
D. 4 : 5
AnsA. 2.4
B. 1.8
C. 1
D. 1.2
Q.7X can do a work in 5 days, Y does two times in 15 days, and Z three times in 7 days. If they have to work together for 8 hrs in a day, then in how much time can they complete the work?
AnsA. 10 hrs 30 minute
B. 10 hrs 15 minute
C. 11 hrs 15 minute
D. 9 hrs 45 minute
AnsA. 22.8
B. 37.8
C. 39.5
D. 27.5
AnsA. 0.456
B. 0.987
C. 0.123
D. 0.383
Q.10A person by car travel a distance of 125 km in time t1 and when he decreases his speed by 20%, then the time taken is t2 to cover the same distance. Then the ratio of t2 : t1 is equal to:
AnsA. 2 : 5
B. 4 : 5
C. 5 : 4
D. 5 : 2
Q.11An instrument cost a certain factory Rs. 520,000. If it depreciates in value, 16.5% the first year, 15 % the next year, 13.5% the third year, and so on, what will be its value (in Rs.) at the end of 8 years, all percentages applying to the original cost?
AnsA. 52000
B. 65000
C. 57500
D. 62000
Q.12The ratio of efficiencies of A and B is 3: 7. Working together, they can complete the work in 21 days. They work together for 6 days. In how many days, 70% of the remaining work will be completed by B alone?
AnsA. 8
B. 9
C. 10
D. 7
AnsA. 2.4
B. 1.8
C. 2.6
D. 2.2
AnsA. 32
B. 26
C. 24
D. 18
Q.15Which among the following can be expressed as (10p + q) (10q + p), where p and q are integers?
AnsA. 1296
B. 1728
C. 1207
D. 1344
Q.16A flyover has three spans whose lengths are in the ratio 2 : 3 : 5. A bus whose length is one fifth of the total length of the flyover, takes t seconds to cross the first span. How many seconds does it take to cross the full flyover?
AnsA. 5t
B. 3t
C. 2t
D. 4t
Q.17In a college, 63% of the number of students are girls and the rest are boys. If 15% of the number of girls failed and 65% of the number of boys passed in the examination, then the percentage of total number of students who passed is:
AnsA. 77.6
B. 72.4
C. 80.2
D. 67.8
Q.18The third term of a geometric progression is 6. Then the product of first five terms is:
AnsA. 58.5
B. 53.5
C. 49.5
D. 55.5
Q.20The average marks of boys in a class is 78.2 and that of girls in the same class is 89.4. If the average marks of all the boys and girls in the class is 80.8, then the percentage of the number of girls in the class is :
AnsA. 5100
B. 5235
C. 4550
D. 4750
AnsA. 50
B. 40
C. 75
D. 60
AnsA. 7%
B. 10%
C. 9%
D. 8%
AnsA. 2
B. 8
C. 5
D. 6
Q.25The ratios of salt and sugar in mixtures A and B are 3 : 4 and 5 : 9, respectively. A and B are taken in the ratio 2 : 3 and mixed to form a new mixture C. What is the ratio of sugar and salt in C?
AnsA. 17 : 25
B. 43 : 27
C. 25 : 17
D. 27 : 43
Section : Reasoning
Q.1In an exam, Hiral scored more marks than Jaya. Kiara has less marks than Zubin. Latika has as much marks as Jaya. John has more marks than Hiral. What conclusion can definitely be drawn from the above statements?
AnsA. Kiara has more marks than Latika.
B. Jaya has lesser marks than Kiara.
C. Zubin has more marks than John.
D. Latika has lesser marks than Hiral
Q.2Three of the following four number pairs are alike in a certain way and one is different. Pick the odd one out.
AnsA. 22 : 242
B. 16 : 128
C. 26 : 338
D. 14 : 96
Q.3If each of the letters in the English alphabet is assigned odd numerical value beginning A = 1, B = 3 and so on, what will be the total value of the letters of the word 'EARLIER':
AnsA. 125
B. 99
C. 90
D. 129
Q.4Select the option that is related to the third term in the same way as the second term is related to the first term.

Q.5A statement is given followed by two courses of actions I and II. You have to assume everything in the statement to be true, then decide which of the suggested given courses of action logically follows for pursuing.

Statement: The consumption of junk food in school going children is leading to obesity and early onset of diabetes.

Courses of action:
I. The sale of junk food in the school canteens should be banned
II. The sale of junk food should be disallowed in the 100 meter area around schools.
AnsA. Neither I nor II follows.
B. Only I follows.
C. Both I and II follow.
D. Only II follows.
Q.6Two statements are given followed by two conclusions I, II, III and IV. You have to consider these statements to be true, even if they seem at variance from commonly known facts. Decide which of the given conclusions logically follow/s from the given statement.


1. All judges are lawyers.
2. Some lawyers are seniors.


I. Some seniors are judges.
II. Some seniors are lawyers.
III. Some lawyers are judges.
IV. Some judges are seniors.
AnsA. Only conclusions III and IV follow
B. Only conclusions II and III follow
C. Only conclusions I and II follow
D. Only conclusions I and IV follow
Q.7Select the option that is related to the third term in the same way as the second term is related to the first term.

Night : Nocturnal : Morning : ?
AnsA. Meridian
B. Matutinal
C. Evening
D. Slumbering
Q.8A group of letters are numbered from 1 to 9. Four options given below depict combinations of these numbers. Select that combination of numbers so that letters arranged accordingly form a meaningful word.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
AnsA. 5, 3, 4, 1, 6, 2, 7, 8,9
B. 9, 2, 5, 3, 4, 6, 1, 7, 8
C. 1, 7, 3, 4, 2, 6, 5, 8, 9
D. 3, 5, 4, 7, 1, 6, 9, 2, 8
AnsA. 20
B. 18
C. 17
D. 19
Q.10A + B means ‘A is father of B’
A – B means ‘A is daughter of B’
A × B means ‘A is brother of B’
A ÷ B means ‘A is sister of B’

If P -V + L× N - V, then how is P related to N?
AnsA. Grand daughter
B. Sister
C. Son
D. Daughter
Q.12Some equations are solved on the basis of a certain system. Find the correct answer for the given equations on that basis:-

75 + 23 = 18
93 + 35 = 27
62 + 84 = ?
AnsA. 40
B. 44
C. 42
D. 24
Q.13Select the pair of words from the given options that shares a similar relationship as the given set of words.

Thermometer : Temperature : Degrees
AnsA. Ammeter : Potential : Volt
B. Barometer : Pressure : Watt
C. Scale : Length : Meter
D. Voltmeter : Current :Ampere
Q.14In a certain code language, ‘FATHER’ is written as ‘9-22-19-7-26-21’ then how will ‘ADVICE’ be written in the same code language?
AnsA. 22-24-18-5-23-26
B. 22-25-18-5-23-26
C. 22-24-18-5-24-2
D. 21-24-9-5-23-2
Q.15From the following which statement is correct in regards to the given series?

49, 66, 89, (124), 165, 218, ( 278)
AnsA. The first bracketed number is incorrect and the second bracketed number is correct.
B. The first bracketed number is correct and the second bracketed number is incorrect.
C. Both the bracketed numbers are correct.
D. Both the bracketed numbers are incorrect.
Q.16Four groups of numbers are given out of which the numbers in three groups bear a certain common relationship. Choose the group in which the numbers are differently related.
AnsA. (81, 101, 123)
B. (289, 325 , 363)
C. (121, 145, 197)
D. (169, 197, 227)
Q.17Choose the Venn diagram from the given options which represents the correct relationship amongst the following classes:

Starfish, Shark, Fish
Q.18The following are the criteria set by a Retail outlet for selection of candidates for the post of Store Incharge in a reputed mall.

1. The candidate must be a graduate in any stream with minimum 50% marks.
2. The candidate must have Minimum 5 years Sales experience in Retail.
3. The age of candidate should not be less than 25 years and more than 34 years as on 1st October, 2019.

(a) If a candidate satisfies all the criteria except 2 as given above but has a MBA degree and has minimum 2years work experience in sales, she/he must be sent to the General Manager, Recruitment for further interview.

(b) If a candidate satisfies all the criteria except 3, but has more than 5years experience as a Group manager and above in Sales managing a team of sales executives, then she/he must be sent to the Regional Manager, Sales & Marketing, for further interview

Based on the above criteria and conditions, analyze and decide which of the following course of action should be taken for the candidate whose description is provided below. Please note that you are not to assume anything other than the given information.

Sujoy is graduate with 55% marks and MBA through Correspondence. He was born on Sept 20, 1990. He has 1year work experience as sales executive and 2years experience as Group manager, Sales.

On the basis of the information as given above, which of the following decisions would be appropriate
AnsA. The case is to be referred to the General Manager, Recruitment.
B. The case is to be referred to the Regional Manager, Sales & Marketing, for further interview.
C. The candidate is to be selected.
D. The candidate is not to be selected.
Q.20If Akshay is 13th in the queue from either end then, how many people are there in the queue?
AnsA. 26
B. 24
C. 25
D. 22
Q.21Eight friends, P, Q, R, S, T, U, V and W are sitting around a square table facing centre. One each is sitting at the midpoints of the sides and one each at the corners of the table. Each person is wearing different colour T-shirt. One in Yellow color is occupying one of the corners. He has the Q in red T-shirt to his immediate left who is second to the right of ‘V’ in green T-shirt. W in white is opposite ‘V’ in Green and is between T and R. S in grey T-shirt is between P in black and R in Pink T-shirt. U in Blue T-shirt is diagonally opposite R. Who is wearing yellow T-shirt?
AnsA. Q
B. V
C. T
D. P
AnsA. B
B. A
C. D
D. C
Q.23Jayant who is the only son of his father pointed to the photograph of a kid and said, ‘he is the grandson of my son’s sister’s mother’s father-in-law. How is Jayant related to that boy?
AnsA. Brother
B. Father
C. Son
D. Sister
Q.24A recent survey for Delhi showed that 44% of the families own only one car per family, 25% of the remaining families own two cars per family and the rest of the population own three or more cars per family. Then, what is the percentage of people with three or more cars?
AnsA. 58%
B. 43%
C. 31%
D. 42%
Section : General English
Q.1Choose the word (or words) that would best replace the words highlighted in the sentence.

They will be celebrating the 25th year of their marriage day.
AnsA. wedding
B. marriage function
C. marriage
D. marriage anniversary
Q.2Choose the correct word(s) to fill in the blanks.

_____ the eve ____ the Prime Minister’s visit, there was tight security ____ the airport and en route ____ the venue.
AnsA. By; of; at; in
B. On; of; at; to
C. At; of; in; along
D. In; of; in; to
Q.3Choose the word that means the opposite of the highlighted word in the sentence.

Rohit’s analysis of the poem is profound.
AnsA. superficial
B. mysterious
C. good
D. exacting
Q.4Identify the part of the sentence which contains an error.

Many of our staff / find it difficult to / follow her as she / don’t speak clearly.
AnsA. don’t speak clearly
B. follow her as she
C. Many of our staff
D. find it difficult to
Q.5Choose the correct structure to complete the sentence.

The government helps the poor by providing them loans at _________ rates of interest.
AnsA. mainly lesser
B. mostly less
C. very low
D. very less
Q.6Choose the word that roughly means the same as the word highlighted in the sentence.

The current level of pollution in the capital city is very high.
AnsA. present
B. normal
C. electric
D. usual
Q.7Complete the sentence with the appropriate word.

Pedestrians should be _________ when walking on the roads on rainy days, as the roads get slippery.
AnsA. cautious
B. smart
C. dangerous
D. clever
Q.8Choose the correct phrase or expression to complete the sentence.

She likes to wear clothes that would make her __________ in a group.
AnsA. stand out
B. stand for
C. stand by
D. stand to
Q.9Choose the correct spelling from the options given.
AnsA. repatision
B. repeatition
C. reparticion
D. repetition
Q.10Choose the correct phrase or expression to complete the sentence.

My former colleague is _________ now because he has no job and he has to support his family.
AnsA. in charge
B. in favour
C. in a spot
D. in check
Q.11Choose the word that best replaces the words highlighted in the sentence.

RADAR is a word formed from the initial letters of a set of words.
AnsA. an anachronism
B. an idiom
C. an abbreviation
D. an anagram
Q.12Complete the sentence with the appropriate word.

Students should pay ________ to the explanations given by the teachers in the classroom.
AnsA. focus
B. notice
C. concentration
D. attention
Q.13Choose the correct word(s) to fill in the blanks.

The advantage ____ investing ____ post office schemes is that we get exemption _____ tax.
AnsA. of; by; in
B. in; among; by
C. in; by; in
D. of; in; from
Q.14Choose the correct structure to complete the sentence.

The manager asked me __________ the conditions of appointment.
AnsA. would I accept
B. if I will accept
C. will I accept
D. if I would accept
Q.15Choose the word that roughly means the same as the word highlighted in the sentence.

The police said that the exam paper was stolen, copied and sold for a high price.
AnsA. repeated
B. initiated
C. imitated
D. reproduced
Q.16Choose the correct spelling from the options given.
AnsA. achieve
B. achive
C. acheeve
D. acheive
Q.17Identify the part of the sentence which contains an error.

According to the finance ministry, / every senior citizens / will benefit a lot / from the new scheme.
AnsA. According to the finance ministry,
B. every senior citizens
C. will benefit a lot
D. from the new scheme
Q.18Put the jumbled words in the correct order to form a meaningful sentence.

visit / home / on / he / to / aunt / promised / his / way / his
AnsA. He promised to visit his aunt on his way home.
B. He promised on his way home to visit his aunt.
C. On his way to his aunt, he promised visit home.
D. To visit his aunt, he promised on his way home.
Q.19Choose the word that means the opposite of the highlighted word in the sentence.

The supervisor was asked to slacken the pace of work as there was no immediate hurry.
AnsA. supervise
B. accelerate
C. control
D. monitor
Q.20Choose the correct order of sentences to form a meaningful paragraph.
AnsA. He has started spraying chemical insecticides and pesticides on the land indiscriminately.
He has added a new chapter to this record of destruction.
As man proceeds to achieve his goal of conquering nature, he starts destroying it.
As a result, birds, mammals, fishes and practically every form of wildlife are being killed.
B. As man proceeds to achieve his goal of conquering nature, he starts destroying it.
He has added a new chapter to this record of destruction.
He has started spraying chemical insecticides and pesticides on the land indiscriminately.
As a result, birds, mammals, fishes and practically every form of wildlife are being killed.
C. He has added a new chapter to this record of destruction.
As a result, birds, mammals, fishes and practically every form of wildlife are being killed.
As man proceeds to achieve his goal of conquering nature, he starts destroying it.
He has started spraying chemical insecticides and pesticides on the land indiscriminately.
D. He has started spraying chemical insecticides and pesticides on the land indiscriminately.
As man proceeds to achieve his goal of conquering nature, he starts destroying it.
He has added a new chapter to this record of destruction.
As a result, birds, mammals, fishes and practically every form of wildlife are being killed.
SubQuestion No : 21
SubQuestion No : 22
SubQuestion No : 23
SubQuestion No : 24
SubQuestion No : 25
Section : Domain Knowledge
Q.1The greatest percentage of heat loss in a d.c. machine is due to:
AnsA. Hysteresis loss
B. Frictional loss
C. Eddy current loss
D. Copper loss
Q.2To improve power factor and feeder voltage control for a which compensation is required:
AnsA. Excitation control
B. Series capacitor
C. Synchronous condensers
D. Shunt capacitor
Q.3A simple low-pass RC filter having a cutoff frequency of 1 kHZ is connected to a constant ac source of 10 V. Calculate C if R=10 k Ω
AnsA. 1nF
B. 15.9nF
C. 1F
D. 15.9F
Q.4When a single phase supply is connected across a single phase winding, the nature of the magnetic field produced is:
AnsA. Rotating in nature
B. Constant in magnitude and direction
C. Pulsating in nature
D. Constant in magnitude and rotating at synchronous speed
Q.5By flux control method of speed control of a dc series motor, we can obtain speeds:
AnsA. Below rated speed
B. At normal speed
C. Higher than its rated speed
D. Above as well as below the rated speed
Q.6A single phase 230 V, 1 kW heater is connected across single phase 230 V, 50 Hz supply through a diode. Calculate the power delivered to the heater element.
AnsA. 434 W
B. 750 W
C. 500 W
D. 1000 W
Q.7An ideal voltage source has _______ source resistance.
AnsA. Zero
B. Equal amount of load resistance
C. Small amount
D. Very high load resistance
Q.8Which of the following is the function of feedback diodes in McMurray inverter?
AnsA. To provide required reverse bias across the outgoing thyristor
B. To provide the return path for the reactive current of load
C. To provide the path for the excess of commutation current above the load current.
D. To freewheel the load current
Q.9The torque characteristics of a three phase induction motor is similar to that of ________.
AnsA. d.c. series motor
B. d.c. cumulatively compounded motor
C. d.c. differentially compounded motor
D. d.c. shunt motor
Q.10The magnetic flux density is:
Q.11The power input in blocked rotor test performed on a three phase induction motor is approximately equal to:
AnsA. Hysteresis loss in the core
B. Iron loss in the core
C. Eddy current loss in the core
D. I2R loss in the windings
AnsA. 10 V and 12 V
B. 2.66 V and 5 V
C. 6 V and 9 V
D. 3 V and 6 V
Q.14In a split phase capacitor start induction motor, a time phase difference between currents in the main and auxiliary winding is achieved by:
AnsA. Introducing capacitive reactance in the auxiliary winding circuit
B. Connecting the two windings in series across a single phase supply.
C. Applying two phase supply across the two windings
Q.15The minimum number of watt meters required to measure 3-phase, 3-wire balance or unbalanced power is:
AnsA. 3
B. 1
C. 2
D. 4
Q.16The voltage regulation of a synchronous generator may be negative when:
AnsA. It is loaded beyond its full load capacity
B. The load power factor is leading
C. The load power factor is lagging
D. The machine is run at very low loads
Q.17The Schering bridge is ideally suited to measure:
AnsA. Dielectric loss of an insulator
B. Supply frequency of the bridge
C. Self inductance of a coil
D. Mutual inductance of a coil
Q.18Biot‐Savart’s law:
Q.21Practical way of obtaining static voltage equalization in series connected SCRs by the use of:
AnsA. Resistors of different values across each SCR
B. Resistors of same value across each SCR
C. resistors connected in series with SCR
D. One resistor across the string
Q.23______ properties are
i. Maintain voltage at or near a constant level
ii. improve power system stability
iii. improve power factor
iv. correct phase unbalance.
AnsA. Static compensator
B. Boost transformer
C. Series capacitor
D. Regulating transformer
Q.25Calculate the magnetic flux density due to circular coil of 100 ampere turns and area of 70 cm2 on the axis of the coil at a distance of 10 cm from the centre.
Q.27A four quadrant operation requires:
AnsA. Two full converters in series
B. Two full converters connected back to back
C. Two semi converters connected back to back
D. Two full converters connected in parallel
Q.29A PWM switching scheme is used in single phase inverters to:
AnsA. Reduce the higher order harmonics
B. Reduce the total harmonic distortion
C. Reduce the lower order harmonics
D. Minimize the effect of load
Q.30A wattmeter reads 25.34 watts. The absolute error in the measurement is −0.11 watt. Determine the true value of power.
AnsA. 25.45 watts
B. −25.45 watts
C. 25.23 watts
D. −25.23 watts
Q.31If the load is purely resistive and adjustable, Maximum power transfer is achieved, when:
Q.32The transfer function of the Armature control DC servo motor is:
Q.33The direction of rotation of a dc motor can be reversed:
AnsA. By reducing the field flux
B. By reversing the connections of either the armature or the field winding connection with the supply.
C. By introducing an extra resistance in the armature circuit.
D. By reversing the connections of both armature and the field windings with the supply
Q.34A three phase generator delivers 1 pu power to an infinite bus through a transmission network when a fault occurs. The maximum power which can be transferred during per fault, during fault, and post fault conditions are 1.75 pu, 0.4 pu, and 1.25 pu. Find the critical clearing angle.
AnsA. 51.27°
B. 61.57°
C. 41.77°
D. 71.97°
Q.35How many numbers of coils will be there in a dynamo type power factor meter for balance three phase load?
AnsA. Two current coil and one pressure coil
B. One current coil and one pressure coil
C. One current coil and two pressure coil
D. Three current coil and three pressure coil
Q.37Determine the capacitance of a parallel plat capacitor composed of thin foil sheets, 20 cm square for plates separated through a glass dielectric 0.4 cm thick with relative permittivity 6.
AnsA. 20.2x-12 F
B. 46.562x-12 F
C. 36.562x-12 F
D. 26.562x-12 F
Q.38MOV A, C
The program is for :
AnsA. Storing the bcd number
B. Once complement of a number
C. Right shift
D. Left shift
Q.39Point out WRONG statement. In the node voltage technique of soling networks, choice of a reference node does not:
AnsA. Change the voltage across any element
B. Alter the potential difference between any pair of nodes
C. Affect the operation of the circuit
D. Affect the voltages of various nodes.
Q.40Gauss Seidel iterative method for solving the:
AnsA. Both Linear and non linear differential equations
B. Solving algebraic equation
C. Both linear and non linear algebraic equations
D. Solving differential equation
Q.41A rectangular waveform varying from +E to −E is applied to a series connected C-R circuit. The waveform of the voltage drop across the resistor is observed. When R is small, voltage across the resistor is:
AnsA. 2E
B. E
C. 2E/R
D. −E
Q.44The creeping is occurs in:
AnsA. Energy meter
B. wattmeter
C. voltmeter
D. ammeter
Q.45Check which system y(n) is non-causal:
AnsA. 48H, 42.18H, 36H
B. 40.8H, 24.218H, 30.6H
C. 14.8H, 34.218H, 23.6H
D. 4.8H, 4.218H, 3.6H
Q.48ABCD parameters are used in analysis of _________.
AnsA. Short circuit
B. Electronic ciruits
C. Open circuit
D. Transmission line
Q.49When the ammeter is connected across the load:
AnsA. The meter reads the correct reading.
B. The meter acts as a voltmeter.
C. The current will not flow through the meter.
D. High current will flow through the meter and meter may burnout.
AnsA. 15 rad/sec, 25 rad/sec,50 rad/sec
B. 10 rad/sec, 5rad/sec,50 rad/sec
C. 100 rad/sec, 50 rad/sec,5000 rad/sec
D. 1 rad/sec, 15rad/sec,150 rad/sec
Q.53Total harmonic distortion is defined as:
AnsA. The ratio of rms value of nth harmonic voltage component to the rms value of fundamental voltage component.
B. The ratio of fundamental rms output voltage to the total rms output voltage.
C. The ration of rms value of fundamental component to the rms value of all the harmonic component
D. The ratio of rms value of all the harmonic components to the rms value of fundamental component.
Q.54The necessary and sufficient condition on the impulse response for stability is:
Q.56For a 15 bus power system with a 3 voltage controlled bus, the size of the jacobian matrix is:
AnsA. 22x22
B. 12x12
C. 25x25
D. 11x11
B. C
Q.58Which type of chopper is generally used in high power circuits where load fluctuation is not very large?
AnsA. Chopper Type A
B. Load commutated chopper
C. Current commutated chopper
D. Voltage commutated chopper
Q.59A 400 V, 50 Hz, 4-pole, three phase induction motor cannot run at 1500 rpm because:
AnsA. At 1500 rpm, the rotor will draw excessive current and may be harmful to the motor
B. At 1500 rpm, torque developed by the rotor may not sufficient to rotate the rotor
C. At 1500 rpm there will be no emf inducted in the rotor circuit and hence no torque will be developed
D. An induction motor can run only at a speed higher than its synchronous speed
Q.60An ideal transformer in one which?
AnsA. Has low efficiency
B. Has no loss and leakage reactance
C. Has the same number of primary and secondary turns
D. Does not work.
Q.61The open circuit EMF of the Weston standard cell used for standardization of potentiometer is:
AnsA. 1.0183 V
B. 1.0 V
C. 1.1 V
D. 1.183 V
Q.62The approximate efficiency of a three phase, 50 Hz, 4 pole induction motor running at 1350 rpm is:
AnsA. 90 percent
B. 40 percent
C. 94 percent
D. 65 percent
Q.63Magnetic field intensity around a close path is equal to the current enclosed by the path is:
AnsA. Coulomb's Law
B. Gauss law
C. Amplere's circuital law
D. Biotsavart law
Q.64How many I/O ports can 8085 access:
AnsA. 256
B. 1028
C. 128
D. 512
Q.65Which converter has the polarity of the output voltage is opposite of input voltage?
AnsA. Buck converter
B. Boost converter
C. Cuk converter
D. SEPIC converter
Q.66A freewheeling diode in a phase controlled rectifier:
AnsA. Enables the inverter operation
B. Is responsible for additional reactive power
C. Improves the line power factor
D. Is responsible for additional harmonics
Q.67A triac is a:
AnsA. 2 terminal bidirectional switch
B. 3 terminal bidirectional switch
C. 3 terminal unilateral switch
D. 2 terminal unilateral switch
Q.68In a purely capacitive circuit the instantaneous power curve is a sinusoidal of ________ the frequency of V and I.
B. Half
C. double
D. Equal
Q.69The minimum rate at which a signal can be sampled and still be reconstructed from its samples is known as:
AnsA. Sampling
B. Anti aliasing
C. Nyquist rate
D. Spectrum
Q.71A chopper, in which current remains positive but voltage may be positive or negative, is known as:
AnsA. Chopper Type A
B. Chopper Type E
C. Chopper Type C
D. Chopper Type D
Q.72A single phase full bridge inverter can operate in load commutation mode in case load consist of:
AnsA. RLC underdamped
B. RLC criticallydamped
D. RLC overdamped
Q.73A DC constant voltage for a variable input voltage is called:
AnsA. Inverter
B. Regulator
C. Filter
D. Rectifier
Q.75When the two windings of a transformer are connected electrically, it is called as:
AnsA. Auto transformer
B. Ideal transformer
C. Electrical transformer
D. Two winding transformer
Q.76The power factor is defined as:
AnsA. The ratio between apparent power to true power
B. The ratio between true power to reactive power
C. The ratio between true power to apparent power
D. The ratio between apparent power to reactive power
Q.77The function of snubber circuit connected across an SCR is:
AnsA. Decrease dv/dt
B. To keep constant value
C. Increase dv/dt
D. Limit dv/dt
Q.78A signal having a spectrum ranging from dc to 10 KHz Is to be sampled and converted into discrete form. What is the minimum number of samples per second that must be taken to ensure recovery?
AnsA. 20 samples/sec
B. 200 samples/sec
C. 20 K samples/sec
D. 2000 samples/sec
Q.79Cumulatively compounded motors are used where we require:
AnsA. Poor speed regulation
B. Variable speed
C. Constant speed
D. Sudden heavy loads for short duration
Q.80A dc series motor should always be started with load because:
AnsA. It draws a small amount of current at no load.
B. At no-load it will not develop high starting torque
C. At no-load it will rotate at a dangerously high speed
D. It cannot start without load
Q.81For satisfactory parallel operation of two transformers a number of conditions are to be filled. A number of conditions are written below. Indicate which of these is not required to be filled.
AnsA. kVA ratings of the two transformers should be equal.
B. The percentage impedance of the two transformers should be equal.
C. Transformers should be properly connected with regard to their polarity.
D. Voltage ratings of the primary windings should be suitable for supply system voltage and frequency.
Q.84A band stop filter is:
AnsA. Filter allow all frequencies within a specified band and stops all those outside this band
B. Filter reject all frequencies within a specified band and passes all those outside this band
C. A filter significantly attenuates all frequencies above corner frequency and passes below corner frequency
D. A filter significantly attenuates all frequencies below corner frequency and passes above corner frequency
Q.85The open circuit and short circuit tests on a transformer give the following losses. At what load will the efficiency of the transformer be maximum?
AnsA. At load of 40 kVA - Loss on OC test : 320 W and Loss on OC test : 320 W
B. At load of 50 kVA - Loss on OC test : 320 W and Loss on OC test : 80 W
C. At load of 30 kVA - Loss on OC test : 320 W and Loss on OC test : 180 W
D. At load of 50 kVA - Loss on OC test : 320 W and Loss on OC test : 500 W
Q.86What about the multiplication and division instructions of 8085?
AnsA. Only multiplication instruction
B. Only division instruction
C. Not support multiplication and division instruction
D. Both multiplication and division instruction
Q.87In a CRO, an electron gun is having:
AnsA. Phosphorescent screen
B. Horizontal plates
C. Indirectly heated cathode and control grid
D. Vertical plates
Q.88The number of turns on the primary of current transformer is usually:
AnsA. 50 to 100
B. 5 to 10
C. 1 to 5
D. Above 100
Q.90A bridge generally used for measuring capacitance is:
AnsA. Maxwell’s bridge
B. Owen’s bridge
C. De-Sauty’s bridge
D. Wien’s bridge
AnsA. 50 KV/m
B. 450 KV/m
C. 540 KV/m
D. 45 KV/m
AnsA. 28.8 V
B. 14.4 V
C. 173 V
D. 0 V
Q.96The output of the vi characteristics mosfet has:
AnsA. Ohmic region alone
B. An ohmic region at low voltage followed by a saturation region at high voltage.
C. Saturation region alone
D. Ohmic region at large voltage value preceded by a saturation region at low voltages
Q.97A star connected alternator supplies a delta connected load. The impedance of the load branch is (8+j6) ohm/phase. Determine the power factor.
AnsA. 0.9
B. 0.8
C. 0.57
D. 0.6
Q.98Determine the force between two parallel conductors of length 1m separated by 50 cm in air and carrying currents of 30A in same direction and opposite direction.
Q.99In a two wattmeter method of measuring power in 3 phase system, one of the wattmeter reads negative, implying
AnsA. Load is unbalanced
B. Power factor is less than 0.5
C. Wattmeter connection is failure
D. Power flow is in reverse direction
Q.100Synchronous generators connected in parallel should maintain:
AnsA. Infinite frequency and infinite voltage
B. Variable frequency and variable voltage
C. Constant frequency and variable voltage
D. Constant frequency and constant voltage